A Gerrymandering Lifeline, Thrown From Wisconsin – Charlotte Magazine – November 2016 – Charlotte, NC



The Divide Between Red and Blue America 

I don’t post to much political stuff on here, but I did find this link below interesting. It’s kinda crazy how deeply polarized parts of America are. And we wonder why we don’t understand each other? Probably because most people near us are like us. It’s why some politicians don’t understand the importance of religion and of the 2nd amendment to one part of America. and why others can’t see the importance of better schools before more wars. Ive got a bit of both. I grew up in the country lived in the city, and now live in the country again, so I see both sides. What we need is to come together and respect this that we disagree with.  Enough of my commentary, more amusing stories and photos coming up soon 😁🆗🆒🇻🇪🇺🇸


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