Are we in a stock bubble? If so, where to invest? (Post 1)

Here we are several years into a bull market in US stocks, the question is, where to invest? Personally, I’m a value investor. I personally think Amazon (AMZN) Netflix, and others are great businesses, just not great investments done they are overvalued. Where to invest? Maybe small cap stocks?. Or how about international stocks? The good news is there are mutual funds and ETFs for nearly every matter in the world, so enjoy researching. I’ll share some insight on a few ETFs I’m looking at later.



While I’ve shared others ideas on investing, I figured I should share some of my own ideas (disclaimer:I own stock in the companies named, but don’t intend to sell them in the near future.).

A couple of investments I like:

Cato Stores: ticker: CATO; I like this company as a contrarian value investment. It’s a ladies clothing retailer based on the southeast us. The company has little debt on its balance sheet, a low p/e, and positive free cash flow. Despite this, the company’s unloved due to some bad sales  Fourth quarter of 2016. Since everyone is down on retailers right now, it seems like not a bad risk. 

Transocean, ticker:RIG; this is a bet on the energy market recovering. It’s an offshore oil driller. The company has been cleaning up its balance sheet, reducing debt and staff while the oil market has been down. I see the company being in a good position once the market turns around later in 2017. 

That’s it for this morning. My next post on this will be a review of some small cap stocks, with some thoughts on them all.

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